#4 - Thanskgiving Tipsy Turkey Cranberry Sausage

This post is severely late for Thanksgiving, but just in time for Christmas, so make sausages of it as you will.

The sausage.  Chilling outside with some white wine. 

Sausage in the News: More People Prefer Sausage-Making to Congress

Ok, So I don't quite have the statistics to back up that bombastic headline, but the NYTimes recently ran a weekend story with far too many silly but satisfying comparisons between legislative sausage-makers and the real artisans.

RESULTS: Chinese BBQ Sausage Assaults the MLS... & Other Sausagecapades

First off, my apologies for the long delay in finishing this Chinese BBQ Sausage post.  In honor of the MLS Finals last Sunday, and in the spirit of the WikiLeaks Cablestravaganza (which, for the record, I am very against), here are the secrets of the Chinese Sausages, Exposed!
At this point the sausages are clearly just getting warmed up, showing a little color in their complexions.

#3 - Chinese-Style BBQ Pork Sausage

My apologies for the  long delay in posting the next sausage.  In all seriousness, it being a Chinese-style sausage, it was held in quarantine leaving China, and then again stateside, and it has only just now reached us.
Weighing out Pork Fat at the Customs House

Drunken Turkey-Fig-Goat Cheese Sausage - EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

First off, my apologies for the long delay in posting the results of the Drunken Turkey-Fig Sausage.  There were, however, some very legitimate reasons for the delay.  I can't say too much without risking further damages,

#2 - Drunken Turkey-Fig-Goat Cheese Sausage with Chives

That's pretty much sums up S.P.'s second experimental sausage installment, featuring a scandalously unique drunken turkey-fig sausage.  After a brief argument with some some goat cheese over port wine, this particular Turkey was seen frolicking with some figs before hiding behind a bush of chives.  The police round-up is seen below, minus the alleged offender.  (The Turkey has some excellent lawyers, and S.P. has a small budget...)

Ms. Fig, Mr. G. Cheese, and the Brothers Chive, moments before the whole affair took place

Bourbon-Peppercorn Bacon Sausage - AN SP EXCLUSIVE - Photos and Coverage of the World Premiere:: All the stars! All the Action!

Want to know how a Bourbon-Peppercorn Bacon Sausage looks like after a little roasting?

Yeah, me too.

Note the pool of delicious spiked sausage juice.  These sausage stars know how to party

#1 - Bourbon-Peppercorn Bacon Sausage

This isn't my first time around the sausage mill, but I am still an apprentice to the formidable trade of sausage-making.  I have made other experimental sausages in the past, some of which may yet grace these pages (Chicken Tikka MaSausage, anyone?)