# 15 - Pork Molé Sausage

Pork Mole Sausage
Salt-Peter's deepest apologies are in order, dear carnivorous readers.  It has been far too long since a new coil of protein graced these digital pages, and such dereliction of stuffing duty is inexcusable.  Why?  It is painful to admit, but the truth must come out: your faithful meat man has been experimenting as a vegan...

# 14 - Heart & Soul Sausage

When he's not juggling the duties of being a full-time gigolo and part-time  rodeo clown, apprentice sausage-maker Krawch enjoys chasing tail.  Turkey tail, that is. 

# 13 - Salt-Peter Shawarma Sausage

The other day we were chatting with Silvio (yes, the S.P. Sausage Laboratory is an equal opportunity workplace, and we take everyone's opinion into account), and we discovered that both Silvio and S.P. have a profound love for shawarmas, and all manner of kabobs (sis, kofta, doner, etc). 

#12 - Sriracha Sausage - A Spicy New Year

Happy New Year!

On this New Year's Eve, we over here at the S.P. Sausage Laboratory were struck by the sheer cockiness of Sriracha chili paste, as we mixed it into our severely over-spiced Bloody-Marys.  The flavor just came on so strong, dancing down our taste buds and nipping at our appetites; we loved it.  When our palates came to the next afternoon, in between the bitter troughs of anticlimax and soured scotch, that Sriracha flavor remained.