#12 - Sriracha Sausage - A Spicy New Year

Happy New Year!

On this New Year's Eve, we over here at the S.P. Sausage Laboratory were struck by the sheer cockiness of Sriracha chili paste, as we mixed it into our severely over-spiced Bloody-Marys.  The flavor just came on so strong, dancing down our taste buds and nipping at our appetites; we loved it.  When our palates came to the next afternoon, in between the bitter troughs of anticlimax and soured scotch, that Sriracha flavor remained.

#11 - Special Thanksgiving Special!

Thanksgiving has come and gone; particularly perspicacious readers surely expect this to be a post about venison sausage.  It is not, and I can explain.

I went to see a man about a deer.  It turned out that he only dealt in horses.  The tale is long and convoluted, and is best expressed in verse.  You may recognize the meter:

Twas the eve of Thanksgiving, and all through the house
No game could be found, deer, capon or grouse.
In stalls at the market, the butchers demurred,
“Whyfore seek ye Venison, rather than bird?

#8, #9, & #10 - The Birthday Bangers

True love... obviously.

Fellow force-meat aficionados,

Allow me to apologize. I have been most remiss. S.P. celebrated a very special birthday this fall, and it celebrated in classic S.P. fashion: with free-flowing libations, unhinged hips and pounds upon pounds of everyone's favorite intestine-filling treat. Notable guests included former United Nations Honcho Boutros Boutros Ghali (the Boutros so nice, they named him twice), Food Network star and hair bleach industry spokesman Guy Fieri, and hopelessly corrupt FIFA Chief J. Sepp Blatter.

#7 - Prosciutto & Fig Sausage - A Patriotic Title Fight

Wherever they end up, Figs always cause trouble.  Delicious, scrumptious, and delectably seedy, these trouble-making morsels seem to love being in the thick of it (sausage, that is) and S.P.'s most recent affair was no exception. 

#5 & #6 - Super Bowl Sausages - RESULTS

Well, you know what they say: football is a game of inches.  There were at least 120 inches of sausage on the line in the most recent football game of note.  The Bolognese Bangers quickly took the lead in the first quarter,

#5 & #6 - Super Bowl Sausages

Super Bowl Sunday this year saw an epic battle between two warring cultures.  A team of concussive heavy-hitters based in simple principles took on a group of deft skill-practitioners exhibiting subtle complexities.