Sausage in the News: More People Prefer Sausage-Making to Congress

Ok, So I don't quite have the statistics to back up that bombastic headline, but the NYTimes recently ran a weekend story with far too many silly but satisfying comparisons between legislative sausage-makers and the real artisans.

A few choice excerpts:

"At Simply Sausage, the bones and other inedible, indigestible, unsavory parts are dumped in a big garbage pail and discarded. On Capitol Hill, stale old ideas are recycled year after year."
Cue the greasy French sausage-maker laughing: "ohn-honh-honh-honh-honh."  While this is plucking a low, low-hanging fruit on the sausage-making tree (there are some real intellectual "gems" to be had), it is quite true.  I can attest that stale ingredients, particularly fat, ruins pounds of sausage and wastes hours of your time. 
"“In a real sausage plant,” Professor Rosenthal said, “everybody is on the same team, trying to produce bratwurst or knockwurst. In the legislative sausage factory, at least half the people don’t want to make sausage. Or they want to make a different kind. For the last few years, Republicans have said, ‘We won’t make sausage unless we control the recipe.’"
Boy, I'll say.  Can you imagine having congressional Republicans from the last two years in your sausage-making kitchen?  I'd have thrown pork at them long ago.  Alternatively, we might have had a post on Bourbon-Fig Goats, stuffed with Turkey Sausage.  Actually, maybe I should call Mr. Boehner and see if he wants to make some real sausage for a change.

Suffice it to say, more children will want to grow up to be sausage-makers than law-makers.  Ok, I don't really have statistics for that, either.

Thanksgiving Post is still on the way.


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