#2 - Drunken Turkey-Fig-Goat Cheese Sausage with Chives

That's pretty much sums up S.P.'s second experimental sausage installment, featuring a scandalously unique drunken turkey-fig sausage.  After a brief argument with some some goat cheese over port wine, this particular Turkey was seen frolicking with some figs before hiding behind a bush of chives.  The police round-up is seen below, minus the alleged offender.  (The Turkey has some excellent lawyers, and S.P. has a small budget...)

Ms. Fig, Mr. G. Cheese, and the Brothers Chive, moments before the whole affair took place

Bourbon-Peppercorn Bacon Sausage - AN SP EXCLUSIVE - Photos and Coverage of the World Premiere:: All the stars! All the Action!

Want to know how a Bourbon-Peppercorn Bacon Sausage looks like after a little roasting?

Yeah, me too.

Note the pool of delicious spiked sausage juice.  These sausage stars know how to party

#1 - Bourbon-Peppercorn Bacon Sausage

This isn't my first time around the sausage mill, but I am still an apprentice to the formidable trade of sausage-making.  I have made other experimental sausages in the past, some of which may yet grace these pages (Chicken Tikka MaSausage, anyone?)