#5 & #6 - Super Bowl Sausages

Super Bowl Sunday this year saw an epic battle between two warring cultures.  A team of concussive heavy-hitters based in simple principles took on a group of deft skill-practitioners exhibiting subtle complexities.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about the Contention of the Intestines, the Racing of the Casings, the Heat of the Meat, the Clash of the Hash, the Chuffing of the Stuffing, the Reckoning of the Seasoning, the Strife of the Spice, the Ravages of the Sausages, a showdown of the brawn of the West against the brains of the East...


Bolognese Sausage

  • Pork Loin
  • Beef Fat
Doesn't look like Vegetables? 
Fair Enough. 
It's Solidified Siphoned Fat from a Previously-Stewed Bolognese.

  • Onions
  • Carrots
  • Celery
    • After rendering the Bolognese fat...

The pork fat eddies cut through the sea of beef fat, bearing tomato flavor molecules in their colloidal structures.

    • the vegetables were sauteed with bay leaves...
    In my experience, only the most seasoned vegetables can avoid sweating under pressure.

      • and then pureed.

      Bologense Veggie Base.  Or is it a delectable bread pudding.

      Spices & Seasonings
      • Rosemary
      • Thyme
      • Coarse Salt
      • Nutmeg
      • Cinnamon
      • Ground clove
      A spicy landscape of greens and browns.
      After a quick mix...
      Rushing was always this sausage's strong-suit.

      And stuff...

      The heavy-hitting Steel- er, I mean Bolognese was ready to go.  With power and pedigree, it was bound to come out swinging. 

      Heavy-hitting like Brooklyn
      Chicken Birynai  Sausage
      • Chicken Thighs
        Every sausage needs some beefy (or chicken-y) thighs.
        • Chicken Hearts
        Every team needs some heart.
        • Plain Yogurt
        Spices & Seasonings
        • Ground Onion
        • Ground Garlic
        • Ground Peppercorns
        • Ground Cumin
        • Coarse Salt
        • Ground Turmeric
        • Saffron
        • Ground Ginger
        • Ground Cayenne
        • Ground Clove
        • Ground Cinnamon
        • Ground Cardamom
        A more complex gastronomic game plan had never been seen at a Super Bowl.
        This Pack of ingredients was sure to test the mettle of the Bolognese.

        Slow, methodical, and finely textured.

        Able to play the gastronomic game from all angles, it was bound to satisfy fans and commentators, alike.

        Stay tuned for the results of Sausage Bowl Sunday.



        1. fantastic post! can't wait to see who won.

        2. This was a really tough decision. Both sausages were out of this world, unlike anything I've had before. Both were prepared perfectly, without even a hint of dryness. So, with a level playing field, here is the decision:

          Both sausages score 10 on flavor, texture and creativity. Both are subtle enough so as not to be overwhelming. However, the tie breaker goes to......

          The Biryani on sneakiness and resourcefulness.

          Any sausage that succeeds in getting unsuspecting friends to eat chicken hearts, thus wasting less bird, is not only tasty but also economical.